Innovative open API solutions with a customer-centric banking infrastructure.

Empowering enterprises with bank-grade capital management.
Enjoy integrated financial services
All-round solutions including multi-currency accounts, currency exchange and international payments.
Improved accessibility through technology
Create on-demand and tailored functional modules with minimum amount of coding.
The financial foundation for exponential growth.
Immediately available
Open business accounts in 40+ currencies, in real time.
Online application, avoid complex processes or approval delays.
Flexible structuring
Create separate business accounts for receivables and payables with different counterparties, making accounting reconciliation easier than ever before.
Uphold global licenses, international security standards, and built-in compliance procedures to launch financial products within days.
Works for
E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Education, Logistics, Exchanges, Wallets, etc.
Flexible solution for account management and international payments.
Bulk payment API
Effortless API integration, automated pay-ins and pay-outs. Liberate your team from mundane tasks.
Expedite the process of settling multiple bills to vendors and suppliers with a few clicks.
Pay in real-time or schedule for future payments. Reduce workload and eliminate mistakes.
Global Account API Solution
Open and manage business accounts in multiple currencies, receiving payments from different platforms.
Deliver fast and secure domestic & cross-border payments, in the client’s preferred currency.
Simplify your payments through digitization.
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Two-way communication of specific needs.
Commercials & Pricing
Determine business strategy and confirm pricing proposals.
On-boarding Process
Submission of on-boarding documents.
Project Implementation
Start of project preparation.
Technical Implementation
Technical team to answer questions and provide further training.
iPeakoin team prepares production environment configuration and notifies customers.
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