Business Incorporation

Build up overseas business operations in a few clicks.

Establish your overseas entity for better business growing.
Online application, quick processing
Register a company in the US, Hongkong, Cayman Islands, and Singapore to start your business expansion without leaving your office.
Company formation and operation
Connect with the team of professionals to manage your company operations overseas to enable you to grow your business with certainty and confidence.
Efficiently access iPeakoin services
Once registered, it takes only one click to access iPeakoin global accounts and virtual cards, the best way to expand your business globally.
Establish a navigable business world.
Provide all the services necessary to walk you through the process with maximum ease and efficiency.
Ensure that all companies going through the setup, registration, and incorporation phases adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.
Assist in connecting with leading tax institutions to build a compliant cross-border corporate structure and provide localized and compliant tax services.
Four steps to set up your overseas entity.
Without complex procedures, form a company within days.
Step 1
Submit your information
Step 2
Sign your company formation documents
Step 3
Your company is formed in Hong Kong, China, USA, Singapore, Cayman Islands, etc.
Step 4
Receive issuance
Pricing & package
Colorado, USA
Certificate of Incorporation
Operating Agreement
EIN Letter
HK, China
Certificate of Incorporation
Business Registration Certificate
Articles of Incorporation
Share Certificate
Statutory Book
Common Seal
Authorized Signature
Company Chop
Green Box
Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Good Standing
Company Constitution
Notice of Situation of Registered Office
Minutes of First Board Meeting
Share Certificate
Consent to Act as Secretary
Notice of Incorporation
Statement of the Director
Consent to Act as Director
Company Seal and Chop
Cayman Islands
Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Guarantee of Quality
Register of Members, Directors, Officers
Share Certificates
Appointment of First Director
Directors’ Resolution in Writing
Subscriber's Resolutions
Application for Shares
Articles of Incorporation
Company Chop
*The information above is for reference only. Please contact us for more details.
Start your business overseas.