Enable your users to spend crypto assets in the real world.

Seamlessly integrate your iPeakoin business account into your workflow with CaaS (Card-as-a-Service).

Utilize our competitive API to streamline payment processes.
Build your own card solution using modular API to accommodate your business.
Read our documentation, and begin to prototype as you build a solution.
Access to better international interchange rates than other providers.
Empower your users to make transacting with crypto as simple as using a credit card.
Coins we can help you support.
Multiple scenarios we cover.
Cover global networks supported by Visa and Mastercard.
Online Travel Platform
Advertisement Exposure
Employee Benefits
Subscription Services
Apps Development
Shop Overseas
Designed to fit all projects, ensuring smooth and painless transactions.
Integrate and launch CaaS within 14 days, not months.
Fully customize your program with Quantum Card controls down to the card level.
Access detailed documentation on our open API for smooth integration.
Comply with global regulation and standards.
Fully compliant to level 1 PCI-DSS standards.
RSA 3072 is used for encrypting all types of information.
Bank-level AML/KYC and Fraud Monitoring system.
Fiat & Crypto asset theft insurance coverage.
How does iPeakoin allow users to easily spend crypto in local markets?
Crypto app
Customer opens an account
The customer completes an online application process and begins to invest in crypto and other digital currencies.
iPeakoin platform
Card issued
iPeakoin generates a card, enabling the cardholder to start using their cryptocurrency wallet funds immediately.
Card presented
The store processes the card just as they would any other Visa or Mastercard.
Auth requested
The iPeakoin platform is contacted by the appropriate network for authorization.
Crypto app
Notification received
iPeakoin webhooks allow real-time notifications that are sent to the customer upon transaction completion.
Transaction completed
Authorization is successful and the payment is confirmed.
Get Started with iPeakoin.
Contact iPeakoin Support Team
Assignment of sales managers and customer success teams.
Identify Requirements and Product Features
Two-way communication of specific needs.
Commercials & Pricing
Determine business strategy and confirm pricing proposals.
On-boarding Process
Submission of on-boarding documents.
Project Implementation
Start of project preparation.
Technical Implementation
Technical team to answer questions and provide further training.
iPeakoin team prepares production environment configuration and notifies customers.
Be ready for your next million users.
Let's talk about your use case and how we can help.