Global Account

Manage your cash flows with a single bank account.

One-stop shop for making and receiving global payments.
Save 90%
Make and receive global payments at lower cost.
Secure and compliant
Multi-currency bank accounts in compliance with local regulations.
Available in over 180 countries/regions and 40 currencies.
One-stop shop for global transactions.
Integrated banking services to meet all your needs.
Easier and faster
Apply for bank accounts online and get approved within minutes.
Integrated payment network covering the US, Europe, SEA, etc., to complete transactions within 24 hours.
User-friendly interface that gets your job done in a few clicks.
SMBs friendly
Fewer restrictions to open an account online. No minimum balance or deposit required.
Real-time FX exchange rates and no hidden fees.
FDIC insured deposit of up to $250,000 for each depositor.
Why iPeakoin´╝č
  • iPeakoin Global Account
    Typical bank account
  • Fully online processes
  • No minimum balance
  • Low account fee
  • Live exchange rate
  • Batch payments
  • Automated reconciliation
  • Online KYC & KYB processes
  • Flexible transaction limit
  • Expense tracking
  • Online account freezing/unfreezing
  • 24/7 support
iPeakoin, hassle-free banking experience.