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What is Web3?
What is Web3?
The digital age comes with its unique vocabulary, comprised of a confusing variety of buzzwords, abbreviations, and terms that are just as likely to mislead as to educate. Although the meanings of many of these new words are often unclear, they have become part of our daily language. There are different terms we are listening about. A global computer network is calling us and showing a lot of digital stuff that runs parallel to our physical life. That’s why we need to start explaining the words we often come across.
Web 1.0: The Static Web
The first version of the Web was formed by a small number of individuals creating web pages and material for a big audience of readers, enabling them to find the information they need.
Web 1.0 offered little beyond browsing static pages. Content generation was handled by a select few, and information was hard to find.
Web 2.0: The Dynamic Web
In October 2004, we have Web2, the era of social networks. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and others represent Web2. Users began to communicate with other users, and the center of gravity of content production shifted from the platform to us. Unlike Web1 portals that users only consume, Web2 relies heavily on user-generated content.
What is Web3.0?
The concept of a new kind of internet service was constructed utilizing decentralized blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs to give power back to users. The necessity to decentralize systems and release users from the burden of being “the one who sends data to the megacorporation” gave birth to Web3. The internet of today alienates our data, and an increasing number of gadgets are joined to the network. Web3 delivers the continuity of connection across numerous devices, such as TVs, cars, refrigerators, and watches. On the other hand, Web1 and Web2 were based on personal computers, mobile devices, and individual devices, separately.
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