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Introducing our Global Account
Why start with Global Account?
First off, we’ve always believed that to build a truly great financial product for companies, it’s important to start with the most fundamental layer. Each founder needs a bank account to run their business — it’s the very first thing they set up.
Secondly, bank accounts are the final system of record for your cash and financial position.
And thirdly, bank accounts are the ideal foundation based on which additional financial features are built. By providing core financial services first and then building out our banking platform, iPeakoin does not require customers to sign up for anything else, and they can use iPeakoin to manage all financial workflows across their entire team.
What is the Global Account?
Global Account is committed to providing a one-stop global fund management service for enterprises of all sizes to make and receive global payments.
It helps enterprises to open and manage business bank accounts online, simplifying the banking business with digital technology. Supporting quick cross-border collections and payments, Global Account empowers companies in reducing the cost of fund flow and expanding global business.
What can the Global Account provide?
Business Bank Account
USA and Hongkong business bank account opening with the same name as the company, get an account within one business day.
Global Receipt and Payments
Support cross-border and local payments as well as collections with 40+ main currencies in 180+ countries and regions.
▼ Currency Exchange
Support the exchange of Euro and USD into mainstream currencies with live exchange rate.
▼ Bulk Payments
Allows enterprises to make multiple payments to a bulk list, improving working-efficiency.
Why Choose iPeakoin Global Account?
▼ High Efficiency and Convenience
● 100% online without offline cumbersome process
● Local payment networks for quickly making and receiving payments
▼ Cost Saving
● No annual fee;
● No deposit fee;
● Save 90% for local payments
● No minimum deposite requirements
▼ Systems Interconnection
Seamless connection with Quantum Virtual Card, Particle Treasury, and Crypto Wallet, enables enterprises to strengthen control over the corporation's funds.
iPeakoin Global Account, Unlock your cash management streams with a single bank account.
If you have any questions or feedback, or just want to say hi, send us a note at marketing@ipeakoin.com. We always love to chat.
As a neobank, iPeakoin builds a new generation of banking for all businesses to operate without borders and restrictions. We aim to create social value, serve the public good and drive sustainable growth for our customers.