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Quantum Virtual Card: Solution for enterprise expense management
The world has changed, and businesses have discovered creative and new ways of using technology to adapt to this new reality. A growing number of companies are spending money online with a more secure and more manageable way instead of traditional credit cards. Hailed as the future of financial spending, virtual cards are the forefront of a revolution in business expenses management. iPeakoin’s Quantum Virtual Card is a new generating product to provide solutions for companies.
What is Quantum Virtual Card?
The Quantum Virtual Card is an enterprise-level virtual card issued by iPeakoin and its partner bank in US, which has similar functions as a traditional bank card, but without the physical card, making it easy to apply and pay online. Business holders can apply and open a card whenever and wherever, being free from the long-time waiting for card sending from banks. Visa and MasterCard payment scenarios are available. It supports a wide range of payment scenarios, such as employee expense, media online advertising cost, etc.
Benefits of using Quantum Virtual Card for your Expense Management
Virtual Cards Security
The reason why quantum virtual cards are increasing in popularity is we offer more security measures. Quantum virtual cards assign a unique card for each employee spends. Companies can avoid data breach issues and fraud, as well as the risks of being lost or stolen which physical card might face.The unique card numbers are easily generated and conveniently frozen all online, meaning management of payments is simple and fraud exposure is greatly reduced.
Employee Payment Transparency
Business holder can send cards securely to every employee, whether for regular business expenses or travel cost. Every employee has their own unique virtual card, so managers can easily track the spending. When an employee needs to pay for something, they can simply request a card with notes or receipt attachments. Card requests can be reviewed, updated, and approved for immediate use. Funds can also be assigned to team budgets and balance can be limited flexibilly so that nobody spends more than what’s allocated to them. Therefore, it provides a much clearer overview of company finances and in turn makes finances much more manageable.
Efficient Management
Enterprises can open cards, freeze cards or perform other operations all online. Especially for companies with employees around the world, it is much more efficient for centralised management. Whithout offline work, virtual cards help to eliminate all the manual processes associated with fund managing which occurs with traditional physical cards. Lots of unnecessary time spent writing cheques and handling money is saved, and the risk of human mistakes is avoided. Using virtual cards reduces workload, saves time and resources and greatly improves company efficiency from within.
Manageability of Employee
There is no limit on the number of cards or cardholders, support customizing for your team. Flexible setting of budget and card limit means that all spending is pre-approved and businesses know exactly which employee signed off on what payments.
iPeakoin's Quantum Virtual Card also allows enterprises to send employees holiday gifts or incentive rewards. Quantum virtual cards make it easier for finance departments to track and control all employee business expenses, foreign currency payments, and more. Make your business time saving and efficiency enhancing.
Above all, the benefits of using quantum virtual cards for companies greatly outweigh the benefits of a traditional physical card. It is much more simple to manage emplyees expense. Quantum virtual cards will help your business run faster. If you are still searching for an alternative tool for your employee management, quantum virtual cards might be exactly what you are looking for.
Quantum Virtual Card — spend anywhere,any time with reassurance and freedom.
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