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iPeakoin | Building The Financial Infrastructure of Tomorrow

Mainstream adoption of crypto is skyrocketing, with a 15% average adoption rate worldwide. As more transactions are carried out in cryptocurrency, there is a growing demand among businesses for a banking platform that can accept crypto payments, settle crypto assets, and bridge seamlessly between Web2 and Web3 finance.


But this is an ongoing problem for startups and new businesses when finding their suppliers, liquidity providers, and general banking partners. There are many options, but also a lot of concerns regarding compliance and accounting. When cross border transactions involve a number of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, it can be difficult keeping costs low and staying compliant in multiple jurisdictions.  


The iPeakoin ecosystem offers a solution to this problem. iPeakoin is an innovative core platform that narrows the gap between traditional and digital finance, helping entrepreneurs remove the complexity from payment flows and tap into a new market share, with crypto and  fiat payment processing. It shards down on the onboarding time to within 1 to 2 days, much faster than traditional banking which usually takes 2-3 months to onboard crypto related customers, so businesses can be ready to go in a short timeframe.


iPeakoin is particularly useful in the emerging markets sector. Less-developed markets have led to the use of crypto as trading and investment assets, and companies in developed markets are increasingly accepting payments in cryptocurrency from emerging-market countries. This represents a highly lucrative market sector that is not yet catered to. Hoarding cryptocurrency is not as important as using it as a functional means of exchange.


“What we’re seeing from corporations is that holding crypto is much less about the investment opportunity and much more about transactions,” said Michael, Founder and CEO of iPeakoin.


He explains that cross-border activity is a major driving force for corporate crypto, and indicates that three-quarters of multinational corporations operating in at least six countries are using crypto for business purposes.


With iPeakoin, businesses of all sizes can open a global business account within a matter of minutes. Via this account, customers can bridge between fiat currencies and digital assets to manage payment, earnings yield, trading, and custody in support of their business goals.


Customers are also able to make payout & pay-in with fiat currencies, such as EUR, GBP and USD. They can also buy or sell cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and USDC. The received stablecoins like USDC funds can be immediately converted into USD as soon as the holder operates. Therefore, it is more convenient and efficient for companies, especially blockchain companies, to realize unified treasury management for crypto and fiat.


More than a payment platform, iPeakoin intends to create a new generation of banking for global businesses. With iPeakoin, business holders are able to choose exactly how they pay and get paid, and have more control over all business funds. Each transaction is simple and seamless. In this way, businesses can spend more time with their customers and less time with their books.


So far, iPeakoin has launched a number of key products. Crypto Wallet for corporations to manage large-volume digital asset trades seamlessly; Global Account, which provides a straightforward “Know Your Business” process to access fiat use for settlement, exchange and payment, as well as interconnection with Crypto Wallet from a single interface; Quantum Virtual Card is a virtual multi-currency business credit card that enables businesses to easily make online payments anywhere that Visa or Mastercard is accepted; and Particle Treasury, offering above-average yield potential for idle funds with flexible terms.


Focusing on product differentiation and compliance, iPeakoin has already processed over $5 billion in annualized payments volume and has a fivefold growth in 2022.


“Crypto businesses across the globe are growing at an unprecedented rate, with which traditional financial services can’t keep up, and this has left them almost entirely unserved. We know the pain of operating a business across both fiat and crypto, so we’ve set up iPeakoin.” Michael says.


iPeakoin is on the way to help crypto startups and traditional financial institutions move forward by removing the barriers that prevent them from realizing the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Currently, accessing cryptocurrency financial services still requires in-depth knowledge of the space, as well as technical expertise.


iPeakoin transforms this experience, making it more accessible for laypeople to access and to use digital asset-based financial services for a variety of functional purposes. It also provides an easy means for businesses to operate in both traditional and modern financial markets for maximum flexibility in a past paced economic environment.



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