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iPeakoin empowers GameFi business to stimulate user growth
Blockchain technology is changing not only the world of finance, but also the gaming industry. A new trend in gaming has emerged, called Game Finance or GameFi. According to estimates by Coinbase experts, the current total market for GameFi is about $50 billion, also maintaining almost a million daily active users.
As a type of entertainment project, GameFi becomes an entry point for numerous aspiring investors. A ChainPlay survey of 2,428 GameFi investors found that 75% of respondents joined the cryptosphere solely because of GameFi.
And yet, despite GameFi's leading position, the developers of such projects sometimes experience some problems when developing crypto games and making operation strategies. What can those entrepreneurs do to streamline their business beyond creative products and activities?
Solutions provided by iPeakoin to help GameFi businesses thrive
Tristan, with 7 years experience in Web3 space, is the Operations Manager of a medium-size GameFi company. Having witnessed the ups and downs of cryptocurrency, Tristan stated his perspectives on the GameFi business.
"There are thousands of GameFi startups emerging, and hundreds of venture capitalists that proactively invest in early-stage GameFi startups. To make us stand out from projects, it is not only about developing creative and attractive games, but also about making conceived project management strategy." Said Tristan.
Tristan's company has accumulated a large number of players in its community. However, as more and more projects emerge, they are facing the challenge of how to retain and attract more audiences.
"With integrating iPeakoin CaaS solution, we are able to issue cards for our players, which makes crypto payments no longer an obstacle for our community members."
Crypto-backed card
The "Play-to-earn" business model has attracted lots of players to get involved in GameFi. With the P2E model, players are compensated for their efforts and time spent online with digital assets that have value outside of the game. To use those digital assets for routine expenses, they must be traded for fiat on third-party exchanges, since most merchants don't accept crypto payments. In some sense, the complex process of off-ramp has prevented many players from engagement.
While now, with iPeakoin's scalable CaaS solution, Tristan's team is given the capability to launch branded cards for their players, with which cardholders can directly use the cryptocurrencies they have earned to buy goods or services outside of the game, such as booking tickets, shopping offline, etc. Additionally, iPeakoin helped Tristan's team design a reward program that works with crypto-native tokens. It means that when card holders use the card for expenses, they can also earn rewards. The more they spend, the more they will earn.
"iPeakoin card has helped us increase customer retention by over 30%. The players' feedback in the community also attracts more and more members. The collaboration with iPeakoin represents a major step-change in our business." said Tristan.
Business expense management
For emerging enterprises like Tristan's, it has always been a headache to deal with fund flows. Multiple API integrations from different tech providers usually make work more annoying.
"We have longed for an integrated solution like iPeakoin CaaS which could not only help our players to solve the problem of crypto payments, but also streamline our financial management work. "
iPeakoin card can also be used as an enterprise-level virtual credit card. Businesses can set a budget for each card that is used for different marketing campaigns and tracking the expenses anywhere and anytime. The marketing team no longer has to transfer cryptocurrencies between wallets for each advertising bill. Moreover, generating and exporting statements online are also supported, which makes it more convenient for reconciliation and tax reports.
"Our collaboration with iPeakoin is already helping us realize the benefits of fast and secure fund management in crypto." That's an incredible experience for us to develop business in a more focused manner." Said Tristan.
About iPeakoin
iPeakoin is a licensed FinTech platform that helps Web3 to thrive. It has now expanded its business to over 180 countries/regions, serving more than 10,000 companies in 2022.
In addition to its headquarters in the US, iPeakoin has offices in Hong Kong, Luxembourg, and Singapore, as well as partnerships with top tier banks & financial institutions worldwide.
Aiming to build a unified financial infrastructure, iPeakoin brings crypto-backed card to the real economy with scalable CaaS (Card-as-a-Service), which can be integrated into digital businesses’ systems with a few simple codes.
For more details, visit https://www.ipeakoin.com or contact us at support@ipeakoin.com.