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Free Virtual Cards for the First ten! Help to Address Payment Difficulty

What is the Quantum Virtual Card?

The Quantum Virtual Card is an enterprise-level virtual credit card issued by iPeakoin and a bank in the USA  in 2020. The Quantum Virtual Card supports all online payment scenarios that accept VISA/MasterCard, as well as bulk card issuance and online real-time card management, providing intelligent expense management solutions for enterprises.


Bulk card issuance, real-time management
Intelligent cost management solution for enterprises
Quantum Virtual Card supports enterprises opening bulk cards without limit of number, and sharing budget of multiple cards with free customized credit. Thus, it is more convenient to realize cost control of overseas expenses and more efficient teamwork.
Users can manage all the cards in realtime on the website and conduct operations like card freezing, budget adjustment. Real-time tracking of expenses is also available to ensure the secure flow of capital.
Moreover, generating and exporting statements online are also supported, which makes it more convenient for reconciliation and tax reports.
Can be used wherever Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted.
The extensive coverage of Quantum Virtual Card enables your company to pay as you need, such as advertising, platform rental, subscription services, overseas employee salary payment, etc.
All cards can be managed on one platform, which greatly saves the cost of management and boosts the efficient growth of global business.
Faster, lower cost, being the industry leader
iPeakoin's Quantum Virtual Card has industry-leading low transaction rates. With recharge fees and card opening fees only, and supporting direct transactions in 20+ mainstream currencies, iPeakoin helps enterprises reduce losses in multi-currency exchange, which provides a lower threshold and cost for users.
While saving costs, the Quantum Virtual Card can also help users expand their business efficiently with flexible and powerful card features.
There is no limit on the number of cards as well as cardholders, and quota, which satisfies enterprises' requirement of card usage. The card is also directly connected to the Global Account, supporting fund sharing of multiple cards, to enhance fund using efficiency. With rich and stable card BIN, the effect of payment rejection is reduced.