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iPeakoin CaaS helps to reach potential customers and increase profit margin
Cryptocurrency is gaining traction worldwide, and new products emerge almost daily to keep up with the trend. As more institutions and investors are involved, crypto businesses such as wallet providers also need to optimize their products and services to offer better customer experience.
Vincent and his team have been working as a crypto wallet provider to offer the easiest solution for keeping and trading crypto assets and NFTs on one decentralized platform. They have made big success with nearly more a million users from 166 countries on five continents using their wallets.
To further expand business and build a more comprehensive platform, Vincent and his team wish to do more in customer value. They have been doing well in offering users crypto trading services, based on which they also wish to offer digital assets investors more options to spend their holdings.
"Consumers are always looking for new ways to buy, hold, and spend crypto. More and more options are emerging in this space. As a business, any crypto opportunities you provide to your customers could prove very effective in attracting and maintaining customers or users. And we believe that a close loop of holding and spending crypto will help us unlock more potential." Said Vincent, "Crypto debit cards present one of many ways that businesses can attract and reward customers, allowing them to make the most of their crypto holdings when they spend money. "
After integrating with iPeakoin's CaaS solution, Vincent and his team see obvious increases in customers and optimization in business operations.
Increase customer retention and attract newbies
One of the main factors holding back the wide adoption of cryptocurrency is the difficulty of spending directly in crypto. Traditionally, crypto would have to be converted into fiat currency before it could be spent in a shop or online.
iPeakoin's CaaS solution empowers Vincent's team to launch crypto-backed cards for their end users. Holders then are able to complete transactions and payments in their desired cryptocurrency, even if the merchant doesn’t accept crypto payments. In this way, more customers are retained after experiencing direct transaction of their crypto funds into the necessary merchant.
"The collaboration with iPeakoin enables us to offer more cutting-edge services to our existing and new customers faster. With their crypto-to-card service, we’ve been able to smoothly access end-users in multiple markets and quickly launch innovative offers to new markets in the future."
Intelligent platform to manage business expenses
Managing company and employee expenses used to be a daunting task for Vincent and his team. The process was confusing and required multiple steps. Team members needed to first front the charges with credit cards before expensing them back to the company. This is a pain as larger expenses could cause inconvenience. As business grows, company expenses such as business travelling, purchasing, advertising, incur everyday. It involves a large amount of manual work to settle with those reimbursement records.
Another powerful feature of iPeakoin is the availability to readily budget and allocate credits to different departments or individuals by simply creating virtual cards on the dashboard within a few clicks. Every staff member is entitled to their own card, so it is easy to track who is responsible for which transaction. Meanwhile, it also saves a lot of both time and labor work doing manual reimbursement and reconciliation processes.
"It's confirmed that our partnership with iPeakoin is a huge success. With iPeakoin's scalable and accessible solution, we not only provide optimal experiences for customers as well as simplified and streamlined workflow for our teams. iPeakoin CaaS is the best choice for us."
About iPeakoin
iPeakoin is a licensed FinTech platform that helps Web3 to thrive. It has now expanded its business to over 180 countries/regions, serving more than 10,000 companies in 2022.
In addition to its headquarters in the US, iPeakoin has offices in Hong Kong, Luxembourg, and Singapore, as well as partnerships with top tier banks & financial institutions worldwide.
Aiming to build a unified financial infrastructure, iPeakoin brings crypto-backed card to the real economy with scalable CaaS (Card-as-a-Service), which can be integrated into digital businesses’ systems with a few simple codes.