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Pay with your fiat and crypto assets with an iPeakoin card.
Just a few years ago, paying for goods and services using cryptocurrencies would sound like a great idea. But, also an unreachable idea. Bitcoin early adopters had dreamed about the day when they could use crypto on a daily basis. Now, crypto holders have already gotten used to paying with their virtual assets like fiat.
As cryptocurrency becoming increasingly prevalent, crypto investors are looking for more convenient ways to spend their digital assets, which has led to innovative products and services. One such product that has garnered significant attention is crypto credit card. The emergence of crypto credit cards, which allow users to spend their digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers, and for everyday transactions, has sparked significant interest among enthusiasts.
Crypto payments are not only popular with individuals, but also with business owners who are no longer satisfied with a single fiat currency payment method, and yearn for a more flexible way to use both fiat and cryptocurrencies.
As a fintech committed to bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto for businesses, iPeakoin has launched Quantum virtual cards in 2023, which enables cardholders to spend both fiat and crypto in daily purchases, and have optimized payment experience for more than 15,000 businesses so far.
iPeakoin supports customers to apply for both virtual and physical credit cards, empowering businesses to use cards with more accessibility, which distinguishes iPeakoin from other crypto cards on the market. Blending crypto with credit cards, iPeakoin allows cardholders to connect their cards to crypto and/or fiat balances. Expenses are debited at the time of the transaction, so there’s no need to pre-pay or make conversions beforehand.
Extensive use cases are supported by iPeakoin cards - scheduling a trip through online platforms, shopping overseas, paying subscription services, social media marketing, advertising, and much more. This can be especially beneficial for those who have invested in cryptocurrencies and wish to utilize their funds for everyday purchases without having to go through the cumbersome process of converting them into traditional currencies.
Another powerful feature of iPeakoin Cards is that they enable entrepreneurs to control business expenses in a more streamlined manner.
The lack of defined spend limits and the reliance on receipts to verify expense reports were the biggest challenges facing finance teams, especially when it involves both crypto and fiat currencies. With iPeakoin corporate credit cards, business managers can make real-time adjustments to individual cardholder spending limits on how much the stuff can spend in total or per transaction before issuing the cards to them.
When it comes down to reimbursement and reconciliation processes, the finance staff now can validate expenses without paper receipts and have excellent visibility into employee spending. They will receive detailed information on each transaction, so even if a receipt is lost, the finance team can easily pull information on each transaction from the expense management system.
Adding an iPeakoin card for your team to enjoy the benefits of efficient corporate management of both fiat and digital assets when you’re on the go, no matter what kind of purchase you’re making. To learn more about our crypto-backed cards, please visit ipeakoin.com.
About iPeakoin
iPeakoin is a licensed FinTech platform that drives the innovation of crypto payments. It has now expanded its business to over 180 countries/regions, serving more than 15,000 companies.
Aiming to build a unified financial infrastructure of both fiat and cryptocurrency, iPeakoin creates a scalable Card-as-a-Service to bring crypto further into mainstream financial services and helps crypto businesses build stronger connections with end users.
In addition to its headquarters in Singapore, iPeakoin has offices in the US, Hong Kong, and Luxembourg, as well as partnerships with top-tier banks & financial institutions worldwide.