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iPeakoin Partners with Shoptop to Empower DTC E-commerce Merchants
Recently, iPeakoin, a one-stop cross-border financial services platform, announced a strategic partnership with Shoptop, a platform specializing in SaaS technology used for website building and providing professional advertising and efficient management services for online merchants.
With iPeakoin’s global financial infrastructure and Shoptop's strong SaaS technology and digital marketing experience, the two sides will help direct-to-customer (DTC) brand companies to settle problems of website building, marketing, payment receiving, and foreign exchange settlement by providing a one-stop solution for global business.
With fungible commodities continuously entering the market, focusing on product innovation and customer requirements to build brand barriers becomes necessary for Chinese cross-border e-commerce merchants to sustain development. As the essential carriers of branding and selling channels, independent online stores have attracted a large number of merchants of e-commerce platforms, Business to Business foreign trade, and domestic e-commerce, and are transforming into an advanced mode of vertical product selection and brand emphasizing.
The booming development of independent online stores has put forward higher requirements for cross-border financial infrastructure. In the post-COVID-19 era, the cumbersome offline processes and high costs of traditional financial channels have become one of the important factors blocking businesses from going abroad, and merchants are looking forward to a more efficient, convenient, and low-cost cross-border fund management platform for overseas bank account opening and foreign exchange settlement.
Since its establishment, iPeakoin has insisted on "borderless payment, open finance", and has built a one-stop cross-border financial solution with security compliance and technological innovation for enterprises going abroad. iPeakoin's embedded financial product greatly simplifies the business process of traditional banks, meeting the all-around needs of enterprises for "receiving, paying, spending, and saving" all on one platform. Independent online store merchants are able to open a real overseas bank account online for free through iPeakoin without visiting a counter and any financing requirements, and successful account opening within as soon as 1 business day, accompanied by a professional customer success team to help them quickly start their overseas business.
iPeakoin's Global Account provides independent online store merchants with a safe and efficient financial solution with a local payment network covering over 180 countries and regions and more than 40 currencies to support their global business expansion, which greatly shortens the period and decreases the cost for capital flow. Moreover, iPeakoin has obtained licenses in multiple countries and regions and maintained in-depth cooperation with in-country licensing institutions to empower enterprises in their global business in-all-round. Meanwhile, merchants of independent online stores also face difficulties in website building and operation, including customer developing and business growing. With years of in-depth experience, Shoptop is committed to providing customers with cross-border closed-loop services of "website building and marketing". Oriented to improve clients' ROI, Shoptop is able to provide services covering " data analysis + advertisement + account management + marketing strategy” to help online merchants efficiently attract targeted customers at low cost.
This partnership will fully connect iPeakoin's cross-border financial management capability with Shoptop's SaaS website building services to help DTC brand merchants build a one-stop solution for business globalization.