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iPeakoin: New Generation of Banking Business for Enterprises
With workforces increasingly distributed and remote, expense management has evolved into a significant administrative burden for businesses operating globally. iPeakoin is delivering a cohesive solution to one of the biggest administrative challenges businesses face when scaling.
"When we started iPeakoin, we wanted to reinvent how businesses pay each other. "
More than a payment platform, iPeakoin intends to create a new generation of banking for global businesses. With iPeakoin, enterprises are able to choose exactly how they pay and get paid, and have more control over all business funds. Every transaction is simple and seamless. In this way, businesses can spend more time with their customers and less time with their books.
“We have to be able to support customers when they just start their business, so we build our processes to scale from the smallest customers to the biggest ones. Our mission is to innovate digital banking products for every growing company”, said iPeakoin CEO Michael.
As an emerging fintech start-up, iPeakoin has gained considerable support from investors like ZhenFund, FreesFund, and EDGE Ventures and already established its financial infrastructure with a range of products.
Through iPeakoin's Global Account, business holders can increase the ability to accelerate geographic footprints in existing and new market verticals, and access interbank exchange rates and send money through local and international clearing networks to more than 180 countries with flat fees. As for cost management, Quantum Virtual Card helps enterprises with efficient expense and reconciliation.
Furthermore, iPeakoin also steps into the crypto industry, which supports not only currency transactions between USD and BTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT, but also coins trading. Customers can use an all-in-one platform to deal with general crypto business as well as buy, hold, and trade digital assets. Besides, Particle Treasury works to help customers earn high returns for idle funds.
Fund management is one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts for enterprises when running a business, especially for SEMs.
While iPeakoin empowers customers with the capability to finish all banking businesses fully online. Customers are able to achieve their banking needs through laptops from the comfort of sofas within a matter of minutes.
Small business owners are under severe strain at the moment and iPeakoin is continually looking for ways to help them get back on their feet and remain open for business. iPeakoin's banking service enables entrepreneurs to save time and money, while at the same time allows them to cut down on paperwork and spend more time serving their customers.
Fund security and privacy remain to be the top concern of customers, and iPeakoin has built an effective risk assessment mechanism.
Prevent: iPeakoin's security systems and procedures are based on the highest international standards including PCI Level 1 compliance.
Controlled: Customers can access full financial visibility with their bank account, credit card, and crypto all in one place, and take real-time operations.
Insures: All banking business is protected by detecting and responding to fraud without impacting real transactions, and insurance up to $250,000.
"The global market remains challenging in the foreseeable future, iPeakoin aspires to build one of the world’s most powerful banking infrastructures. " Michael says, "By providing a faster, safer, more transparent, and more efficient way to manage global funds, we will better empower our customers to unlock new market opportunities, maximize revenues and accelerate growth."
If you have any questions or feedback, or just want to say hi, send us a note at marketing@ipeakoin.com. We always love to chat.
As a neobank, iPeakoin builds a new generation of banking for all businesses to operate without borders and restrictions. We aim to create social value, serve the public good and drive sustainable growth for our customers.