TikTok emerges as the top choice of Twitter influencers for shopping
In 2022, short videos and live streams have gained popularity, as it provides a full-funnel customer experience by blending entertainment with instant shopping. Among those platforms like TikTok, Youtube, Facebook that have led the sharp development of short videos, TikTok has emerged as the most discussed social media app related to shopping.
According to the Social Media Analytics Platform of GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, TikTok has gained a 38% share of voice among Twitter influencers in the last six months (Sep-22 to Feb-22) . The other popular social media applications were YouTube, which accounted for a 27% share of voice, followed by Pinterest (22%), Instagram (7%) and Snapchat (6%).
Last year, TikTok has launched its e-commerce platform “TikTok Shop” in five more countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. The highest rise in shopping-related conversations around TikTok was noticed when “TikTok Shop”entered the US in November 2022, as a big push towards making its app as a shopping destination. According to FastData, TikTok has more than 1.3 billion daily active users now.
Beyond TikTok Shop, the company has been investing in other shopping features as well. Last March, the app teamed up with Instacart to let food creators make shoppable lists linked to recipe videos. Later in June, it started testing a dedicated shopping feed, which served as a hub for products being sold in TikTok Shop, also in select markets. In addition, it experimented with live shopping in different markets such as the U.K. and several countries in Southeast Asia.
On Feb.28, TikTok announced its launching of Sounds for Business, a collection of sounds that are designed as templates for easy marketing content creation. The collection includes a mix of music, voice over and other sound cues to help small businesses create quick and engaging content. Small businesses can use this collection in organic and paid content to highlight products and engage new audiences.
A Social Media Analyst at GlobalData comments that: “TikTok is rapidly executing new features to enhance in-app shopping experience and gain edge over other social channels including YouTube and Instagram. Some of its key initiatives to foray into the marketplace were the launch of e-commerce fulfillment and shipping centers, shopping ad features, and 5G-enabled shopping experience in partnership with Huawei. Meanwhile, the recent announcement of Instagram to rollback its marketplace option from its platform could also boost TikTok as preferred shopping platform, according to the Twitter influencers”
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