Shopify expands ERP Programme to support European merchants
Shopify is expanding its global programme launched a year ago to enable local European Enterprise Resource Planning partners to join and build direct integrations to Shopify. Shopify is partnering with local ERP solutions, including Actindo, Afterbuy, JTL, Pickware, plentymarkets and Xentral in Germany. Itsperfect in the Netherlands as well as EV4 and Holded in Spain, with more to come in the future.
Organisations need the assurance of having one connected back-office across the business that surfaces the right insights to drive decision-making across their business. Millions of merchants worldwide use Shopify to manage both volume and complexity. Going forward, Shopify’s ERP Programme will act as an organisation’s engine. It will give merchants a centralised system which connects their commerce platform to key business workflows like financials and inventory to help them optimise operations and processes.
Through the local ERP programme, merchants now gain access to a variety of certified public apps directly integrated with Shopify. ERP partners interested in joining the Shopify ERP programme can simply build a Shopify App that meets Shopify’s app development requirements and connect their ERP to Shopify. This gives merchants confidence that their apps perform well and offer the best user experience.
87% of Shopify merchants say they rely on apps to run their businesses. The Shopify App Store is where merchants go to find the apps their business needs to get started and perform at scale. It provides a range of localised back-office apps so that merchants can truly help to optimise their business. The company says this saves time through workflow efficiency and automation.
What this means for business
Dealing with disruption is a daily business for companies – especially retailers – with the macroeconomic headwinds they are facing. It is now more important than ever to proactively, rather than reactively, take action. To remain agile and prepare for the next big thing in commerce, business leaders need real-time insights from connected data to adapt faster, work smarter, and perform better.
Most retail businesses turn to their ERP systems to enable continuous innovation and drive success. However, it works best when the ERP seamlessly integrates with all other business-critical software. This should include the commerce platform, CRM or sales applications. Only then can digital transformation truly happen.
Shopify is taking its Think Global, Act Local seriously by expanding its ERP programme to merchants across Europe. The company believes this will enable them to better manage both complexity and scale thanks to connecting their local ERP systems to their stores on Shopify.
It makes sense. It’s better to expand the Shopify eco-system to include ERPs, which often become the heart of commerce operations. It’s better to embed those integrations into the Shopify platform and then tempt brands and retailers with ERP integrations into other platforms.
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