Top selling products in 2022 on Alibaba.com
Alibaba.com, a global-leading cross-border business-to-business (B2B) platform owned by China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, unveiled its top 10 best-selling Chinese products of 2022 in overseas markets on Dec.
According to Alibaba.com, the commodities were ranked according to industry trends and the growth rates of popular products in Alibaba's cross-border wholesale platform. And these products on the list demonstrate the close economic ties between China and the rest of the world, reflect the emerging consumption trends overseas, and showcase the capacity of China's industrial chains to respond quickly to needs of the global market.
The products cover multiple sectors, including new energy, home appliances, construction and building materials, agricultural machinery, and vehicle and auto parts.
Three products related to new energy
Due to the soaring price of natural gas and electricity, distributed photovoltaic systems and related energy storage facilities have been a hit in the European market in 2022. Solar home systems, wall-mounted charging piles and electric bicycles are all on the list. According to statistics from Alibaba.com, China's new energy-related products have maintained triple-digit growth for three consecutive years. In 2022, the number of global buyers of new energy vehicle charging piles increased 250% year on year, with the number of transactions up 184%.
Demand for hot appliances keeps increasing
Industry data show that China exported 2.51 million electric blankets to European countries in the first seven months of this year. The amount in July alone reached about 1.3 million, up 150% month on month.

The outdoor sports industry continues to grow worldwide

The sales volume of tents on Alibaba.com doubled in 2022. China now has 150,000 manufacturers and more than 200,000 retailers for outdoor sports products. It is now the world's most comprehensive supplier in the field.
Qatar World Cup 2022 merchandise
According to Alibaba.com, the word "soccer" became a trending search topic as early as June of 2022, and the sales volume of related products has continued to grow since then. Specifically, the sales of goalkeeper gloves increased by 323%, table football surged by 444%, and World Cup trophies and medals rose by 126%.
Beekeeping also brings unexpected opportunities
China's beekeeping equipment manufacturers are seeing more opportunities as beekeeping becomes a popular recreational activity overseas. For instance, Multi-Sweet Group in central China's Henan province has maintained more than 30% growth in orders for four consecutive years, with export orders accounting for about 80% of the total.
Data also predicts that those products will remain popular in 2023. For Chinese manafacturers, their strong manufacturing capabilities will definitely enable them to go further in overseas marketing, and for the merchants beyond China, working with Chinese factories can help them expand business with lower costs and higher earns.
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