How the energy crisis impacts heating appliance markets?
Recently, the U.S. "Fortune" magazine reported that the serious energy crisis in may last to next spring.
According to the report, the energy crisis is far from resolved given the scale of the remaining challenge from the war between Russia and Ukraine. With the direct impact on Europe's gas supply and electricity prices, the process of getting rid of energy imported from Russia has never been easier in the past few months.
European governments have taken urgent action to replenish their gas reserves and prepare for the cold winter months ahead. However, experts warn that "whether this winter is cold or warm, Europe's gas reserves will only last a few months. "
“Prices are at historically record levels. We have never ever seen anything actually like this,” Tatiana Mitrova, a research fellow with Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, told Fortune. “This will become quite painful.”
On the other hand, good news also came from the e-commerce merchants. "Heating products won in this energy crisis" , "The energy crisis brings new opportunities for cross-border e-commerce merchants, inconspicuous small home appliances are warmly welcomed by the Europeans", "the biggest beneficiaries are cross-border e-commerce". New energy demonstrates obvious advantages under such an energy crisis.
According to eBay, the requirements of solar panels, inverters, lithium batteries, controllers, portable outdoor energy devices and clean energy products are growing dramatically.
Since July this year, China's exports to Europe of electric heaters, electric blankets and other heating appliances have surged, among which, the electric blanket is in leading position with a growth rate of 97% . Multiple European countries' import demand for electric blankets are doubled. The EU 27 countries imported 1.29 million electric blankets in July only.
On the one side of the coin, we can see that there is an energy price crisis looming. On the other side of the coin, the European heating market has never been more buoyant, especially as it has emerged from Covid lockdowns based on a number of key drivers that have developed, whether you're looking at established technologies, boilers or emerging technologies, electric heat pumps, and we're seeing record numbers across the board when it comes to sales, where we focus mainly on heating appliances. So good times to be in the heating appliance manufacturing industry today.
China is the main supplier of heat pumps in Europe, accounting for 60 percent of the market, where explosive growth has taken place. Due to the current global demand for air source heat pump products, it is expected that heat pump exports will maintain a growth level of at least 50 percent for the whole year, with the demand from the European market to see a sharp rise, according to Chinaiol.com.
Energy crisis, inflation, and downward consumption are becoming intense......Several European countries are facing the problem of energy shortages, and to control the cost of living, they are frantically looking for new energy or energy-saving products. Under the cold winter of the crisis, no one can accurately predict whether the energy problem will get worse in Europe.
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