TikTok targets winning over 1.05 billion daily users globally this year

According to LatePost, TikTok has set a target of achieving over 1.05 billion daily active users (DAUs) globally by the end of 2022. Currently, as the world's largest short-video platform, TikTok now has more than 800 million daily users.


A TikTok source said the company wants TikTok's penetration rate overseas which is currently just under 20 percent to be comparable to Douyin in China of nearly 54 percent. To achieve the global penetration rate of 54%, TikTok will have to increase its global daily active users by more than 2 billion.
It is learned that since this year, in order to further improve business growth and management efficiency, TikTok has made some organizational adjustments. It has changed the previous relatively fragmented market division model and integrated the same type of markets into six regions: Japan & South Korea, South Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the United States & Canada & Australia. Before the adjustment, Europe alone was divided into multiple regional markets, including the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Germany, Poland, Central and Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe.
In addition, TikTok has received further support from Douyin in terms of technology and business strategy. A ByteDance source revealed that Zhang Nan, CEO of Douyin, will ask about and follow up on some of TikTok's business progress, such as the live streaming business.
It is worth mentioning that TikTok e-commerce will enter the U.S. and Brazilian markets in the near future.
TikTok has demonstrated its extensive influence worldwide. Samsung recently also announced its partnership with TikTok to launch StemDrop, a new international music discovery format. According to the two sides, it will revolutionise global music collaboration, democratise music production and give all music creators a never-before-seen platform to showcase their talent to the world.
Cell phones play an important role in the use of TikTok which is one of the most popular social media, and Samsung sees it as the ideal platform to deliver its message. Therefore, the main purpose of this partnership between Samsung and TIKTOK is to utilize the huge traffic on the platform to promote the exposure of its new phone.
The company is encouraging TikTok users to use the flip phone's FlexCam feature to create and share their own music videos. In addition, Samsung has launched the "StemDrop Mixer," which allows TikTok users of all levels to create new remixes with their favorite melodies, harmonies and audio effects and share them on social media platforms.
It is worth noting that the TikTok platform is currently in the dividend stage, and its super high traffic are attracting more and more brands around the world to advertise on it, maximizing exposure and conversion for corporate brands through a more convenient and inexpensive path.
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