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We've processed $10B in 2022
100+ employees & 5 offices across the global
Trusted by 12,000+ businesses
About us
At iPeakoin, we are working to serve the next generation of businesses by inventing new paths, and reshaping the future of payments.
Everything about running a business has changed. New technologies and changes in consumer behavior have totally disrupted our conventional thinking through automation, digitalization and globalization.
In 2019, we set out to redesign banking services to help businesses of all sizes navigate the complex global financial system and to help them achieve their global ambitions. Today, we provide services to more than 10,000 businesses globally and have processed more than billions of dollars.
Our team
Most of our team members come from top universities and well-known tech companies, and have extensive work experience in Fintech and the cross-border payment industry.
VP of Sales and Strategy
Head of Risk & Compliance
Head of Human Resources
Our Investors
iPeakoin is backed by ZhenFund, FreesFund, and EDGE Ventures.
Send us an email at support@ipeakoin.com. We’re always happy to chat or get feedback.
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