Particle Treasury

Earn up to 5% on USD and USDC for idle funds with flexible terms.

Higher yield for extra cash.
High returns
Unrivaled earnings yield for idle funds compared with a traditional savings account.
Lower risk
USD-denominated fund financial products for lower-risk assurance.
Invest with USD via bank transfer or USDC via on-chain transfer.
Daily yield settlement
Deposit and withdraw within one business day with no lockup periods.
Low risk, high liquidity, earn interests every day.
Friendly to businesses of all sizes
Particle Treasury makes cash management easily accessible to businesses of all sizes, free of charge.
iPeakoin Particle Treasury starts at $100. We don't charge deposit or redemption fees.
Each treasury account has no maximum subscription limit and doesn't charge fund transfers or returns.
Integrated Solutions
Integrated with iPeakoin Global Account and Quantum accounts. USD real-time transactions made easy and accessible.
Ultra-simplified processes for crypto transactions. Everything you need to know on the same dashboard.
Secure and trustworthy
Your funds always reside with regulated, ultra-safe and highly liquid financial institutions. iPeakoin doesn't hold your funds, ever.
iPeakoin holds MSO (Money Service Operator) and MSB (Money Service Business) licenses. Our risk control system and assets are subject to reviews by regulators.
3-Step Quick Access
Step 1
Get an account
Step 2
Let your funds move themselves
Step 3
Watch your runway grow
Start your treasury management.