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Become an iPeakoin Partner and offer your clients a faster and easier way to move money globally.

How iPeakoin can benefit your clients.

Accelerate international expansion with our signature global accounts.
Set up bank accounts in the US, UK, EU and other countries within a few clicks. Your clients can start collecting pay-ins from their clients, wholesalers or e-commerce platforms.
Streamline global cash flow management.
Automate multi-currency reconciliation by integrating with BaaS. Give your bookkeeper full visibility into your global collections, bank transfers, and card transactions in a single place.
Empower global teams with Quantum Virtual Card.
Apply for multi-currency Visa and Mastercard and get approved, within minutes, and manage company expenses in real-time. Monitor and control spending without slowing down your team.
Benefits at a glance.
Generate more revenue
Leverage your business development and marketing skills to earn revenue as an iPeakoin partner.
Improve client experiences
Manage your clients with a single sign-in using pro access.
Gain competitive advantage
Bolster your offerings through industry-leading programs and products to deliver an innovative solution.
Co-branding opportunities
Grow with us through industry events, webinars and thought leadership.
A partner not a supplier.
We’ve built sustainable partnerships with some of the world’s most innovative companies and we’d like to do the same with you.
Interested in becoming an iPeakoin Partner?
iPeakoin adheres to the concept of professionalism and innovative technology to help you expand global resources, easily empower products, and enhance the innovation and competitiveness of enterprises.
Reach out to us at marketing@ipeakoin.com.
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